Apple Diet

The "Apple Diet" is not really eating apples all day! It is an effort I tried to cure my eczema. It involves eating only apples for the first two days. Then for the next two weeks eat fruits for breakfast and a lot of fresh greens for meals. It does sound like a diet plan for losing weights. So far the result was magnificent for the first two days - my skin on the throat area completely healed. When the stress kicked in again before work started, my situation got even worse. I have no idea how to evaluate its effectiveness for now.

One thing I really dislike San Francisco since I moved here is the weather. It is just a bay in between Berkeley and San Francisco, yet the cloud and fog seem to only stay on top of San Francisco, especially in the area where I live. I seldom see the sun and I rarely feel the warmth of summer, while my friends in Berkeley are complaining about the heat. The gloominess depresses me, although one should not be affected by the uncontrollable weather.

I finally got to see the sun in downtown today during lunch. I'm glad.

Will the new job take me again into stress? I hope not. P wrote, "Work is just work, it's so not worth stressing over. If you age from working it would be so sad wouldn't it?" I wish I can remember that.

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Peter 提到...

Dear Dickson,

Everybody suffers from stress. That's a condition of being alive and kicking. You could adopt a passive attitude: the result will be as T.S. Eliot expressed it in The Wasteland: I had not thought death had undone so many. But if you are a big control freak then the problem is aggravated, because so much in life is uncontrollable. This phenomenon becomes particularly noticeable when you leave school.

There is also this feeling of having to start from the beginning as a nobody. But I don't think that is actually an accurate assessment of your present status. There is no real problem, except the one inside your head. If apples don't work, try eating Gum Saan oranges, for which San Francisco is traditionally famous in our part of the world.

Yours ever,


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