Welcome to the Working Class

My career officially started on an obscure, cloudy day in San Francisco.

My heart, or mind, or soul, has been under similar condition for quite a while.

Staring at the sky on the way to work, the motion of the bus made me sick. I nearly wanted to throw up.

I had been tired all morning, with my mind running at half speed.

My seat is right next to one person, but also next to another person. The air is stuffy. The atmosphere is weird.

I hope to get out. Then I realized, just treat it normal. I will get used to it very soon, and will get over it soon after.

Paraphrase from someone, "If you ask God for patience, is He going to give you patience directly, or an opportunity for you to experience it?"

Thus ended my first day of work.

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Peter 提到...

Dear Dickson,

Heaven lies about us in our infancy! Shades of the prison-house begin to close Upon the growing boy...(from Ode on Immortality by William Wordsworth).

Welcome to the big house.

Wish you could join us for dinner on Sunday, beats eating apples. But don't worry la, you must have something interesting to do at work. I think it's just the change of life-style that's momentarily bothering you. So far you have been at school all you life. Time to get out of there.