Chef Mak's Prime Rib

1. how to pick the rib
  • get bone-in for better flavor. boneless lacks that extra juice 
  • get the best you are willing to afford
  • pick nice color and well distributed marble 
  • one rib is about 2 pounds and can feed 2 generously. for this time I got 3 ribs, 6 lbs total, good for 6. 
  • dont be afraid to ask the butcher what choices they have. they are willing to bring it out from the fridge. usually you can pick how many ribs to cut and which side you like. the smaller side is juicier with more fat, the larger side has more meat. ask butcher to show you both sides and pick your choice. this time I picked the smaller side thus 6 lbs. last time i picked larger side and was 7 lbs
  • ask the butcher to separate the bone and tie it together for you. see the pictures (this will save you time in cutting the rib when it is cooked)
2. how to prepare 
  • sprinkle all sides with salt and pepper generously. Garlic is optional - some people like to have minced garlic stuffed into the meat. I just spread it over. some recipes ask for more herbs to be put all over the sides too. this is for your personal preference. I find these to be less significant than real good beef. Leave it overnight.
3. how to cook
  • Bring the rib to room temperature hours before roasting. This will ensure even cooking.
  • Heat oven to 225F. Put the rib, bone-side down, on a stainless steel or cast iron pan. Remember you will use the pan to make the jus later so anything with handle is easier to use. Put the rib into the oven and cook for at least 2 hours, depending on your rib size.
  • Check interior temperature every 15 minutes after 1.5 hours. For medium rare, take it out at 120F.
  • Let the rib sit outside of oven for a while. In the meantime heat up the oven to 500F for the final roast.
  • Before serving, put the rib back into the oven and sear for 5 minutes at 500F to produce the flavorful, burnt crust.
4. how to prepare the jus
  • Leave the rib on the cutting board. Remove most of the fat in the pan but leave a bit. Pour 1 cup of red wine into the pan. Scrap up all the brown bits to be cooked together with the wine. Let it cook and reduce for about 10 to 15 minutes.
Voila! Made with Heartbrand Akaushi Beef.